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TESTIMONIAL:The staff and Doctor are so friendly and great with kids. My 3 boys get excited to go to the dentist... Angela E.


"I take my three sons here. The staff and Doctor are so friendly and great with kids. My boys get excited to go to the dentist which I never thought would happen.  Best pediatric dentist in Flagstaff, if not the state!  I would recommend to everyone!"

Written by Angela E.
"My two kids ages 5 and 3 have both had check-ups, cleanings, and work done with Dr. Dowell. Every visit has been a good experience for my kids. The staff is great and friendly.  Dr. Dowell is a caring person who shows his patients and their families respect and compassion.  This is a great place to take your kids."

Written by Heather J.
"We have taken our children to Dr. Dowell for the past 11 or so years and find Dr. Dowell and his staff to be extremely caring and compassionate. He takes the time to personally call in the evening after a procedure to check on his patient.  We would definitely recommend Flagstaff Pediatric Dentistry to all of our friends.  They make going to the dentist a positive experience."

Written by Rachel S.
"Pulling teeth was practically painless with Dr. Dowell's easy rapport with my daughter and his genuine concern for her comfort. He turned what could have been a hard day into onte that will be remembered more for the kind of staff and the popsicle at the end, than for the actual procedure.  Thanks, Dr. Dowell!"

Written by Georgiana D.

Two days before we moved to Flagstaff from out-of-state we discovered our daughters (3-years-old and 5-years-old) had cavities!  We moved, then looked up pediatric dentists in the area who were certified by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists, Dr. Dowell was on that list.  Our first phone call set this office apart; his front office staff was cheerful and friendly.  During our appointments for the girls Dr. Dowell was kind, friendly, and remembered previous conversations.  (My daughters think he wears funny shoes!)  His staff  – all of them! –  was incredibly friendly and nice, they even offered recommendations since we were new in town.  Dr. Dowell called after each appointment to check on how they were doing, a very thoughtful touch.  To finish off a great experience my daughters received thank you notes in the mail a few days later, making their day!   We lucked out with finding Dr. Dowell's office as soon as we moved to Flagstaff – they have been a true godsend!

Written by JJ Veale

Our children have enjoyed going to Dr Dowell for almost 10 years.  His staff is always courteous and kind.  They teach the kids how to care for their teeth and make it fun.  When our children have needed additional care, Dr. Dowell is patient and gentle.  We would recommend his office to any family. 

Written by Jennifer and Blake R.

My four kids have all been going to Dr. Dowell for several years now and
I would never take them anywhere else. He is a kind and patient man who treats the kids with respect…. He makes going to the dentist a somewhat pleasant experience for the kids. (its never a really pleasant time now is it) . If you are looking for a dentist for your kids in Flagstaff, you have to go here.

Written by Shiloh B.

I loved Dr. Dowell. My son and daughter (5 & 2) had their first dental checkup with him. He is so patient and sincere in his work and care. I was surprised when he called me a few hours after my son had his tooth pulled. He was calling to make sure everything was okay, and if my son was doing well. My daughter was afraid and threw a fit, but the nurses were very patient and loving. They not only had great care, but a wonderful waiting room and front staff...

Written by msbits

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